Activities like agriculture mining etc. -can be detected and displayed.

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It is original and more reliable.

Which of the following is not an example of a primary drive. Each DIR_NUM entry in the index file contains an ordered sequence of record numbers pointing to the corresponding rows in the PLAY table. Give one example each of primary and tertiary economic sectors. For example the director number 100 has only one play to match row 4 in the PLAY table.

Which of the following is not an example of database. For example the population census conducted by the government of India after every ten years is primary data. The disc drive is often D.

NOT NULL constraints CANNOT be defined at the table level. Removable storage is any storage device that can be removed from a computer system while the system is running. Database is a combination of CBSE 2011 a hardware and.

Secondary storage is non-volatile memory that is not directly accessible by CPU because it is not accessed via inputoutput channels. If it is partitioned it may also have additional drive letters for each partition. Maternal behaviour is instinctive in nature.

Sex drive is considered a biological drive since it is dependent on physiological conditions. 36Which of the following is an example of a monopolistically competitive industry. You need to add a NOT NULL constraint to the COST column in the PART table.

During the review of a biometrics system operation an IS auditor should FIRST review the stage of. However the primary partition will be C. A primary keys value is unique A primary keys value can contain duplicates A primary key can only contain one field A primary key does not have to contain a value A department to employee is an example of what type.

Which of the following is not an example of a potentially unwanted program PUP. The drive to be successful and rich may not be essential to your survival but one could argue that riches can provide you. Solution By Examveda Team Primary Storage RAM is not a part of CPU.

Or E but may be a different drive letter if your computer has multiple drives and partitions. EBay is an example of an online company that has been faced with numerous security issues. Which of the following is not an example of a potentially unwanted program PUP.

Magnetic disksTapes and DVDs is an example of storage devices. Examples of Primary Storage. The flash memory in solid-state drives SSDs is non-volatile because the data remains in storage even after you have turned it off.

For questions 82 to 86 match the following terms with their definitions. The CREATE TABLE statement does NOT define a PRIMARY KEY. C Numeric calculator because it is used to calculate the numeric numbers only as it is unable to store data.

Note that the number 4 represents the fourth record in the PLAY table not the play whose primary key is 4. Hard Drives CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives floppy disk drives and tape drives are all examples of storage devices. Refer to Section 14 Lesson 1.

Browser parasite O b. That lets some applications recover unsaved information in the event of a crash. Browser parasite O b.

Mark for Review 1 Points ALTER TABLE part. Are examples of the primary sector whereas activities like banking tourism etc. A the part of the brain involved in the actual declarative memory B the largest of the cerebral commissures C an enzyme that causes degradation of dendritic cytoskeletons D a series of neurons involved in long-term memory E a part of the temporal lobe involved in adding emotional overtones to a.

Also the need for an essential activity like migration in a herd. CPU consists of Register Memory Location ALU and Control Unit. Primary data means first-hand information collected by an investigator.

Hunger thirst and feeling very cold may all be considered primary drives Secondary drives arent so primal but they contribute to primary drives. Example of secondary storage- Flash memory floppy disk magnetic tape. Facilitating import of goods.

RAM random access memory is not a secondary storage unit. It is collected for the first time. For example imagine you purchase a digital camera on eBay.

CBSE2011 a Cross knot game b Employee payroll management c Numeric calculator d Customer management system Answer. Your primary hard drive is always be the C. Hull explained that primary drives were physiological drives.

Unlike hunger and thirst sex is not essential for survival of the individual but is necessary for the survival of the species. Awheat farming Bcolleges and universities Cthe local electricity producer Dthe domestic automobile producing industry 37All of the following are examples of product differentiation in monopolistic competition EXCEPT Anew and improved packaging. Next if your computer has a disc drive it defaults as the next available drive letter.

Physiological drive causes maternal behaviour. It can read data from the storage medium but you can NOT change the. The FIRST step in data classification is to.

Examples of external devices include CDs DVDs Blu-ray disk drives and diskettes and USB drives. Sex is a primary drive for some animals. Which of the following is not a primary function of a Bank.

Electromagnetic emissions from a terminal represent a risk because they. An essential drive in living creatures created when a necessary item is missing. Three months later you might receive an email asking you to log in to the system to update your credit card or PayPal information.

Are examples of tertiary sector. Economics questions and answers. Which statement should you use to complete this task.

Removable storage makes it easier for a user to transfer data from one computer system to another. ROM Unlike RAM Read Only Memory ROM delivers both non-volatile and permanent primary storage.

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