What is key is that it gives you sense of meaning. Also I love being able to switch off from day-to-day life going walks in the countryside or going a drive baking and having a good laugh with friends makes me happy.

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But what also makes me happy is feeling connected with people.

What makes you feel happy answer. Not because you have a right to be happy and neither because happiness is the goal of life. Doing tasks that have meaning for me Lets say your current job is just a means to pay your rent and youre waiting for a dream job opportunity. Or maybe it is something outside or maybe the lack of money or anything under the sun.

Is it important to be happy. Bobbie 23 I love spending time with friends I havent seen for a while its lovely to be able to catch them up on what Ive been up to hear about their life and have a laugh. What usually makes you happy.

It makes us happy because we feel that there is some ultimate reason for our actions and that we are contributing to the world in some important way. When we have purpose we feel good about how we are living our lives. Tell them you thrive when your back is against the wall and youre.

Well I Wake up in the morning take a deep breath and appreciate the fact I have woken up to another day. The reasons why you feel happy vary but people often say it is the little things. The walk around the parisian streets makes me happy I feel happy when i see a musician singing his self composed music on a big instrument i dont even know the name of.

We are really wired to feel the feelings of being happy. Its fine to say in an interview being challenged makes you happy and motivates you. Study how the speaker organized his answers in order for him to get a higher band or even get a band 90.

There are two types of neurotransmitters. Ever wonder what really makes you feel good. Watching the glittering eiffel tower from the ground makes me happy taking a birds eye view of the city from Montmarte makes me happy.

It is a true fact chocolate has some. It can also be relaxing to have time to just do nothing at all when you are feeling really blue. You felt connected to other peoples lives You felt happy for someone else You didnt have to think about your own problems You felt better about yourself by.

Stimulants top Stimulants can make you feel in a good mood full of energy and less hungry. Yes its extremely important to be happy. Dopamine happiness feels invigorating and energizing.

Good news is something that makes you feel happy. Happiness seems a matter of getting what we want than of how we feel about what we have. While many people will answer sugar because they notice the high as sugar is flowing into their blood stream and giving them energy.

All of them were afraidas they should be. Little things that make people feel happy at work 1Sociable colleagues Isnt everything better when you have nice colleagues to work with. Inhibitory neurotransmitters keep us happy relaxed and peaceful.

This gives us a sense of satisfaction and connectedness. What is in chocolate that makes you feel happy. Which drugs make you feel happy.

People with low levels of dopamine might experience depression or other mood disorders and can have trouble staying on task and remaining focused. What chemical causes feelings of euphoria. What makes you feel unhappy.

Do you know what really makes you feel happy. For example some people will say that being with your family and friends makes them feel happy. When I saw small children begging on the road instead of studying then I think unfortunate.

Of course we all know what follows – the low as the sugar runs out and we crave more sugar to feel good again. On the other hand others will say that taking time for themselves is key. For many the journey ended before I woke up.

This picture makes me happy as well as sad. I feel content when everyone says Bonjour and Merci for like. Praying in the open helps me appreciate life and its beauty for what it is Angela 18 years old Bangladesh Ice cream makes me happy.

Quite simply neurotransmitters give us the ability to be happy alert remember and focus. There also are prescription stimulants like Ritalin that can be safe if used as directed but that are dangerous if misused. But simply because its a tool of survival.

We will learn through Life Coach Training with QSCA that we are able to tune in and express happiness at any moment in time. Other things are shopping spend time with small children who make me happy. Excitatory neurotransmitters energize excite and stimulate us helping us to focus learn and remember.

Dopamine is another vital answer to what chemical makes you happy and like serotonin you can increase its levels naturally. Pawan 25 and Vinay 27 were terribly devastated regretting crying and begging for mercy. Below are the sample answers to the topic questions on happiness or being happy.

Just by focusing on what makes you happy it actually raises your vibration. Learn how to talk about happiness in your actual IELTS Speaking exam by getting ideas on this post. I do thankful for what I have in life.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Being Happy. Many things can make me happy for example morning walk because I feel very refresh and energetic after it. Something that makes you feel happy and excited sometimes.

I saw it this morning and it brought mixed emotions out of me. They include the illegal drugs cocaine and crack. The calmness at dusk in the fields makes me feel blessed.

Then I opened the news and read about their reaction before they were executed. Chasing happiness keeps you going keeps you in the loop and keeps you alive.

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