Answer Key Document Resource 33 Select a Credit Card – Sample Completed Student Activity Packet 6 PLAY. Does your credit score go up or down.

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Carrie decides it is not necessary because none of the store clerks have mentioned it to her.

Should they use credit answer key. His ultimate goal is to become a pediatric surgeon. ANSWER KEY Scenario 4. Reinforce facts and concepts of credit.

Shes holding not folding a paper cup D. When they are finished discuss their answers. Tell the students they will use the handout with the.

Using a credit card to buy a new jacket from a department store and then paying the. What would you do if it were your credit card. The people are not shopping in a store C.

Students plan and calculate safe debt loads for other consumers. Marge age 18 plans to buy a car on credit so that she is able to drive to school. Why does it go up or down.

Tell the students that they are going to be involved in a role-play activity. Companies electric utilities and landlords may use credit scores to decide whether they will require a security deposit and if so how large it should be. You can set this up as a Preference.

An online calculator will compute the following. Pass The TOEIC Test Intermediate Course ANSWER KEY37 2. Capture and reproduce the knowledge of an expert problem solver 4.

Given these data cash collections for December should be. The pros and cons of using credit. Monthly telephone bill 15.

Distribute a copy of Handout 71. 4-3 How Much Can They Safely Carry. Shopping with Interest – RESEARCH.

When they are finished discuss their answers. Use a mortgage calculator to explore how downpayment credit score interest rate and term all impact the total cost of buying a home. Students determine safe debt loads for several consumers.

A Single payment credit b Installment credit c Revolving credit. Before you borrow carefully evaluate the. When theyre done review the answers and the formulas used.

Choose Edit Preferences Discounts Credits. They are in the park not the dark D. Answers will vary but should indicate that the interest cost is a significant portion of the total cost.

Also give reasons for your response. He is writing a list but on the chart not in his planner D. On a typical 20000 auto loan from a bank a borrower with a low score would likely be.

Installment credit usually allows a person to make additional purchases on an account. 7-2 Test Your Credit Knowledge Distribute the test and give students approximately 15 minutes to complete it. Monthly heating bill 16.

B A relates tickets with inspectors but no meeting is taking place. Carrie used her new credit card to make several purchases but has not signed the back. For sales on account follow a stable pattern as follows.

Ground but they are not leaving the park B. What Are the Most Common Credit Card Fees. The answer is d.

The remainder are uncollectible. 7-3 How Much Can They Safely Carry. Memorize a bill and select the box next to Automatically use discounts and credits.

Test your credit knowledge. Should They Open a Credit Card. Profile 2 Miguel Miguel is starting his fourth year of medical school.

Med school keeps him so busy that he definitely doesnt have time for a part time job. Select a Credit Card Do More DATA CRUNCH. Credit Card Laws WebQuest Midterm Exam Midterm Exam Midterm Exam – Multiple Choice Short Answer Essay No Answer Key available – assignment is open-ended.

You can ask to get out of your loan. Explain what a mortgage is and why most Americans require one to finance a home. Answer key directions For each of the following situations circle YES NO or to indicate your opinion on whether these people should use credit.

A disadvantage of using credit is impulse buying. This is not true. Your Credit Rights and Responsibilities to each student.

If they use their savings they will pay nothing in interest expense. C Shes looking at the drink not the sink A. They are going to play the part of either a person seeking credit or someone who is providing credit that is a creditor.

Using the 20-10 rule a person making 40000 a year after taxes should have no more. Ple should engage when they use credit. Charging up to your credit limit on accounts can impact your credit score negatively as it increases your credit utilization ratiothat is it shows youre using a higher percentage of available credit.

There is no Discounts and Credits preference. Categorizing Credit Sp In this activity students will be able to. A financial institution may offer for you to pay a little now and pay the rest after your next pay day.

You can borrow money from friends and family. 7-1 Should They Use Credit. In the space provided write the letter of the type of credit each statement represents.

Students plan and calculate safe debt loads for other consumers. Sandy and Carla age 24 and 27 are planning on buying a boat on credit for use during DEPENDS should they use credit. If they do open the new credit card account what is at least 1 thing this individual should monitor or use caution about.

858120 60 x 14302 2. Capital refers to a persons assets. Do More DATA CRUNCH.

8-4 How Deep Should They Go. B The word complaint A sounds like paint. QuickBooks cannot be set up to automatically use discounts and credits.

Use the transaction data to produce information needed by managers to run the. Create and share documents that support day-today office activities 2. Have students answer the questions and document how they arrived at each answer.

The shelves are on the right not the light C. Shes using the coffee machine not copy machine B. Students will be able to.

8-5 Lesson Eight Quiz For more information please refer to the Appendix. A steady employment record helps a persons credit history. Reinforce facts and concepts of credit.

What Interest Rate Do Consumers Pay on Their Credit Cards. A The man is not carrying B or hanging C anything. Answer Key 1Management information systems MIS 1.

4-2 Test Your Credit Knowledge Distribute the test and give students approximately 15 minutes to complete it. CASH OR CREDIT 1. Page 18 of 35 c.

Hes been using his savings. Credit is an effec ve financial tool when managed responsibly. Analyze different types of credit like auto loans credit cards money borrowed from a friend and more Categorize the credit in three ways.

In this situation I would immediately sign the back of the credit card. But not managing your credit wisely and overobliga ng your future income can lead to a decrease in your future quality of life and nega ve financial wellbeing. Distinguish between fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages.

Your credit score goes down. Should They Open a Credit Card. Process business transactions eg time cards payments orders etc 3.

4-1 Should They Use Credit. 228120 858120 6300 3. Should they use credit.

50 of a months credit sales are collected in the month of sale 30 are collected in the month following sale and 15 are collected in the second month following sale. Answers will vary but may include. Also give reasons for your response.

Your financial institution might allow you to defer the loan but youll have to.

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