Knot In Wood Definition. The influence of a knot on the performance of lumber depends upon the size, location, and shape of the knot as well as attendant grain deviation around the knot and the type of stress to which the wooden member is subjected. Due to its color, it is also known as black knot.

Celtic Knot of Inner Strength Wood Carving Triquetra
Celtic Knot of Inner Strength Wood Carving Triquetra from

The live knot is also known as “light knot”. The most common cause for a wood knot is natural growth. When a board is cut vertically from a tree trunk, the knot will resemble a circle of abnormal wood that was once the base connection of a branch to the tree trunk but has been grown around by the rest of the grain.

A Knot In Lumber That Is As Hard As The Surrounding Wood And Is So Solid And Free From Decay That It Will Retain Its Place In The Piece

Why not make it the focal point of your next project? The growing tree simply grows around the dying branches, causing knots. Knots are visible imperfections in wood grain that are circular and darker than the surrounding area.

As A Tree Grows, The Lower Branches Naturally Die So That The Higher Parts Of The Tree Can Get More Nutrients.

Bases of those branches remain in the tree as the trees grow. It is also known as loose knot because it may create a hole in the trunk. When the tissue of branch wood is not in continuation with the main trunk.

Defects In Timber Due To Natural Forces.

These bases may create imperfection known as knots. Evelyn simak / wikimedia commons) it is important to understand that the dead branch may not be attached to the trunk wood, except at its base. Knots are not only unattractive looking, they also can weaken the board strength and often act as the starting points for checking.

Knots Are Of Two Types.

The appearance of knots in sawn wood and veneer is caused by grain deviation to accommodate the wood found inside the branches of trees. Also, a knot on the surface of a branch (or log) of a tree always represents a knot in the wood beneath it. In a hardwood, it’s surrounded by stunning grain.

Those Knots Whose Tissues Are Decayed Due To Fungal Attack Or Insect Attack.

Knots are usually considered defects in wood. They’re cut out of boards and thrown on a scrap heap. During the growth of a tree, branches close to the ground or lower branches die.

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